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Wax Attack Cordless Polisher

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Mothers Wax Attack - Cordless uses the safest industry-trusted, dual-action random-orbital technology to give you a showroom new finish, without the guesswork. Compounding, polishing and waxing have never been easier. Recondition your paint from normal wear and tear, or improve your factory-applied paint finish, including clearcoats. Designed for the professional detailer, but simple enough for anyone to use.


  • Complete Li-ion 12 volt Battery pack, Fast Charger, and European foam pad suitable for all polishes, waxes and Mothers CMX Ceramic coating.
  • Only weighs a super light 2.4kg and is complete with motor speed control up to 5000rpm.
  • Can work up to 3 cars on one charge, less if using for paint correction cutting & polishing
  • Streamlines paint correction to give your paint a smooth, flawless finish, every time, with alot less effort than by hand.