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  • World’s toughest polymer, the highest breaking point in yarn
  • World’s safest apparel liner! Certified with the highest abrasion, burst and slash strength
  • Over 200% stronger than other Aramids, 15 times stronger than carbon steel
  • Made with Para-Aramid – almost 3 times stronger than other Aramid fibers, even in wet conditions
  • Dual layer and cross knitting, exceptionally strong against motion cuts
  • Protective lining is 270 GSM, stronger than 550 GSM of other Aramid linings
  • Wash safe – moisture will not affect performance, wash after wash
  • Wicking lining to draw away moisture (body sweat)
  • Disperse body heat quickly, greatly improves riding comfort
  • Soft Inner mesh lining, soft on skin
  • Overall Jeans weight 1.1 Kg (stronger materials equal less weight)
  • Greater protected covering area than other bands. Resurgence Gear products are densely covered in PEKEV®, 80-100% coverage to provide full protection
  • No outer armor/pad pocket stitches
  • Includes free removable armour, either hip & knee armor or shoulder, elbow and back (this is not an additional cost like with many other brands)
  • Highest quality materials and production, up to 20 times more lifespan than other brands
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