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Harley DECAL B and S X-LARGE d3028

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DECAL Bar & Shield X LARGE D3028

The Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield orange logo is one of the most iconic brand logos of our time. It's instantly recognized the world over not only for its enduring legacy, but also as a life style statement. It is amazing what three colors, white, orange, and black, can represent: Quality, Loyalty, Vision, and a feeling of Belonging. Here is an extra-large sized decal of that most recognized logo, the classic Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield. This decal is sized extra-large, so think big. It's 19.5-inches wide and 15.25-inches high – suitable for placement on a large surface. When you see a Harley Bar & Shield logo, you know you're not far from home. Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Decal, X-Large, D3028.

Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Decal
Orange Bar & Shield Logo
X-Large Size
19.5" x 15.25"